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Our SEO consultants work with you to find the best keywords for your site with Targeted SEO. 

We develop customized search engine optimization strategies including: technical SEO recommendations, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, or SEO support as needed.

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With our expert SEO Services, we've helped countless brands across various industries rank higher, get more traffic, and make more money selling their products and services and we are confident we can do the same for your business.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at some of our trusted SEO client’s results:

  • The new MiiEstilo website now ranks in Shopify’s Top 1%
  • Their conversion rate increased by 300%

  • Revenue increased by 158%


“Not only do we now stand out amongst our competitors in the life sciences arena, but since launching our new website, our online conversion rates have also increased by 60%." - David Ward

  • 570% increase in monthly organic users
  • 1520% increase in organic page views

  • 259% increase in organic orders

About Targeted SEO

Rely On Your Trusted Tech Stack

At the Nine, we partner with the best tech stack in the industry using predictive AI tools. With our tech stack, for each search engine ranking goal you have, The Nine can:

  • Evaluate your landing page

  • Evaluate each competitor's landing page in those same search results

  • Determine the competitor landing page performing the best in that algorithm

  • Discover the differences between your landing page and the outperforming landing page

  • Make optimizations to close this statistical gap

  • See the new forecasted ranking position


Access to AI insights

Access Predictive AI at a Fraction of the Cost

Access top-tier software predictive AI insights and compete with industry leaders. 

The Nine offers our clients access to a predictive AI tool that offers search engine modeling at an affordable price. 

Once we figure out your target keyword, we devise a customized strategy.

These powerful AI-driven insights enable businesses to capitalize on opportunities and take advantage of the latest strategies for success in today's competitive landscape.

Check out these results we got for
some of our SEO clients: 

Shapiro Metals
Kysor Warren
Nu Vista Foods
Fitts Agency
Pritchett-Moore, Inc.
ACU Insurance Group
West Alabama Works
Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office
Mii Estilo
My Greek Orchard