We are passionate about beautiful logos. Your logo is the main representation of your brand - and of you. An outdated logo can turn customers away and damage the image of your organization. Our designers will take what you already have going for you - color schemes, shapes, brand recognition - and improve on it to create something new and amazing. Something your brand can be proud of.

Web Development

At The Nine, we don't believe in templates, themes, outsourcing, or plugins. Everything we build is designed and developed in-house by our talented team. We've been developing websites for over a decade and keep up-to-date on modern design trends, development tools, and functionality.

Every site we build is fully responsive to work on every screen type - whether it's an iPhone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. We make it easy to integrate with your existing social media accounts to pull your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts directly to your website automatically.

We know the hassle of having to wait days or weeks for a developer to make minor changes on a website for you. Using our custom-built content management system, Caboose, site administrators (YOU) can quickly edit content, upload files and images, and build pages using an easy drag & drop interface. And if there's something you can't figure out, we are only a phone call or email away.

All websites are hosted on a secure cloud server - not an old PC in our basement. We utilize several cloud software platforms, such as Amazon S3 and Heroku, to ensure the highest possible uptime and greatest reliability.

Digital Marketing

There are few opportunities for better conversions than the times a customer is actively looking for your services or business online. With Search Engine Marketing, we provide premium listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing with dedicated keyword research and reporting to provide you with the best digital spends for qualified leads. You only pay when an action occurs through a user click and a visit to your site. We are constantly researching, A/B Testing and optimizing your pay-per-click ad spends to ensure you are getting the best return on your digital ad spend. Your ads will only show up for consumers who are targeted and ready to make a purchase or contact with your business.

Search Engine Optimization

If your potential customers can’t find you online, you don’t exist to them. SEO is the process of improving your visibility online in a search engine’s unpaid result area. Often referred to as natural or organic results. Through our intense on-page optimization, off-site efforts, site indexing and more, The Nine achieves the highest results for our customers leading to more website visits and conversion opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing packages work to build your social followings and target key ads to generate traffic to your website and social media pages to help grow your digital presence online. We target specific demographics, interests, behaviors and more while retargeting your existing traffic on the world’s most popular social platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.