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The Uptime, Editability, and Health of your site is just as important as how good it looks.



It's NO Wordpress

The Nine has built our own Content Management System called Caboose. With our love for Rails, we felt it only right to give the back-end of our websites such a name. Caboose is a robust and powerful CMS that allows you to build and edit pages with a drag & drop WYSIWYG interface. In addition to easily building pages, you’ll be able to manage user accounts, social media connections, blog posts, calendar events, fonts, and other settings in the admin interface. When we’re finished building your site, you will be provided with a Caboose admin guide and login credentials for your website. We’re also happy to meet in person or do a video conference call to provide more in-depth training. 



It's Why We are Different

We make it easy for you to manage content on your website through the content management system, Caboose. You will be able to login as an administrator to edit pages, posts, images, calendars, and more. However, we understand there are times when you cannot figure out how to do something or need our team to help. All of our sites come with maintenance packages, which should cover the time you need our help.  We are always one email or call away from hanlding anything you need.

We pride ourselves in the way we handle each of our clients.  From huge municipality websites, to small e-commerce websites, we treat every client like we would want to be treated.  We understand your website and your digital strategy are the two most important pieces to your businesses growth and we are here for you.



Edit Your Own Content

The NINE understands the importance of our clients being able to edit their own content when the need arises.  Caboose allows for easy drag and drop for changing out content and in-line text editing.

The more relevant and updated your sites content, the better it's overall organic rankings will be.  Before each of our sites launch, we walk our clients through on how to use Caboose.  And again, just like our support, we are hear to help you with any questions or needs that arise.

Our Clients LOVE Caboose

It's easy to manage your own website

Before we began working on our website with The Nine, our site was on an antiquated web platform which was quite obvious to the user. Once we started utilizing the expertise of The Nine our website was drastically improved. They started with the existing aged framework and moved it onto their Caboose platform piece by piece. They then incorporated improvements throughout the site with little or no assistance from our firm. The finished product after the transition was excellent! Since the initial implementation I have been responsible for the website content using the Caboose platform. I find this interface to be user friendly (I have no formal experience in website publishing) and have found very few places where I have been unable to edit or revise our website as needed. What few issues I have had using the Caboose interface, the technicians at The Nine have quickly and expertly assisted me. The Nine and its proprietary website platform are a vast improvement upon our web presence!

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