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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is leveraging the internet to grow your business. This includes every device that connects to the internet and every human that connects through those devices. There has never been a more effective way to promote a service or sell a product in the history of humankind. We can help you connect with your future customers.

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What can you expect from our digital marketing services?

You get results.

Real Trackable Results

"Real Trackable Results" is our motto on the Digital Marketing team at The Nine. Our daily goal for every digital marketing client is to deliver results that matter to their business. We don't sell impressions or other vanity metrics. We focus on the things that matter to you. 

Lead Generation clients get real-time filtered leads.

Ecommerce Marketing clients get record-breaking sales.

SEO clients get improved search rankings every month. 

We measure our performance by the same metrics you measure your business growth. This connects the value of our service to the value we deliver to your business. 

Happy to serve.

Digital Marketing Services

We focus on four main digital marketing services: 

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Ecommerce Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Content Marketing

These Digital Marketing clients got results.

Mii Estilo
West Alabama Works
Nu Vista Foods
Pritchett-Moore, Inc.
Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office
Fitts Agency
ACU Insurance Group
My Greek Orchard

We LOVE Our Clients

And they LOVE us

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