Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office

Serve and Protect.

The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office is dedicated to accomplishing the organizational mission of a commitment to quality service with an emphasis on integrity, professionalism, and community spirit. Through cooperation, communications, problem solving partnerships, and dedication, our country can and will address the needs to provide necessary services and therefore enhance the quality of life for Tuscaloosa County citizens while reducing the fear of crime.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office



  • The site invites residents of Tuscaloosa County to take an active role in their community by staying informed and getting involved with local crime prevention initiatives. 
  • The site features interactive and educational resources such as active shooter training and instructions on how to establish a Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Website visitors can also access inmate search and sex offender databases, as well as daily incident summaries. In addition, users can apply for pistol permits and submit anonymous crime tips. 
  • Those wanting to further engage in the sheriff office’s mission to ”serve and protect” can apply to be a member of the Sheriff’s Posse. This is a volunteer-based group of Tuscaloosa County citizens dedicated to making the county a safe environment in efforts to enhance the quality of life for all residents.
  • Surrounding law enforcement agencies seeking to register for courses at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Training Facility can fill out an inquiry form to sign up for upcoming training dates. 

Client Testimony

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Chief Administrator Loyd Baker said the sheriff’s office has received positive feedback on the website and attributes the success to its user-friendly design.

“We’ve always had a pretty big following on the web,” Baker said, “and that’s probably the reason why: A lot of agencies have really bad web designs. We have a good design.”

Baker believes that the new site is a valuable resource for Tuscaloosa County residents.

“[The website] is a service to the public, and I think it does it’s job well,” Baker said.

The Why

We are extremely grateful for these men and women and their dedication to serve and protect Tuscaloosa County. We have been proud to call them members of The Nine family since 2015 and are honored to get to play a small role in their mission.