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Robby White


🙏 🙏 Loves Jesus, Design and The City of Portland, Oregon.

Husband to Kim, Daddy to Elle and London, Chief Steward of the Nine & Founder of Canvas.   

Robby started The Nine in 2007 with a vision of becoming a leader in the digital landscape in The South.  His background in Architecture (bachelor Architecture, Auburn University 2003) has helped him with designing the user interface for Caboose (The Nine’s custom Content Editing Framework) and overseeing the direction and future of The Nine.  As Chief Steward, he works closely with the leadership team of the Nine to oversee the healthy growth and expansion of the business. It has always been his goal to provide a work environment that motivates and keeps his employees pushing to be the best in everything that is produced from The Nine. He is active in his community and his church, Bridgetown. His heart for the homeless is the driving force behind everything that he works to accomplish with Canvas, a newly founded 501(c)(3) that is in the works in Portland, Oregon.

Andrya Allen


💵  Activator of Growth & Transformation

Cares most about happy, healthy, free people. Homeschooler & Founder of Vox Verba.

Andrya calls the beaches of Pensacola, Florida home today, but she grew up only a mile from The University of Alabama. After falling in love with communications in collegiate speech and debate, Andrya combined language with technology by building content marketing systems for brands. Since then, Andrya has developed the brand content systems behind millions of dollars in revenue across the globe. Now, Andrya partners with businesses to develop growth initiatives. Andrya is a published author in the New York Times, host of a weekly creative writing group for global authors and published her first collection of poetry in 2019, Lightwork. Andrya holds a Masters in Strategic Communication and Leadership.

Billy Swift


👨‍💻 World Traveler & Coder Extraordinaire

Disciple of Jesus, dad to a dalmatian pup

Billy graduated from the Computer Science program at The University of Alabama, where he fine-tuned his programming skills. His background in graphic design enables him to code websites that are both visually appealing and easy to use, while maintaining a high level of functionality. Billy has in-depth knowledge of HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and Ruby on Rails - and dabbles in other languages. When he’s not coding, Billy enjoys bonfires, quoting The Office, and traveling to Colorado. He is the foster dad to a 4-year-old boy and also the proud owner of a deaf Dalmatian named Cooper. He grew up in Dallas and Birmingham, and now resides in Northport.

Paris Vega


💂 💂   Wearer of Wigs. Questioning the premise.

Wife, kids, and two Chiweenie dogs. Just trying to get a bitcoin.

Paris grew up in Tuscaloosa, AL being heavily involved in church, sports, music, and art. He graduated from The University of Alabama in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media & Business Administration. As a freelance designer and web developer, he worked for clients around the world. He then started and partnered in several businesses, working in whatever roles were needed to move the companies forward, from janitor to CEO. Since focusing on digital marketing the past 10 years, he’s helped companies grow from $0 to millions in revenue. He hosts the First Customers podcast and invests in interesting projects like Trucking Labs, myCast.io, and Vox Verba. He enjoys exploring the Earth with his family, improving fitness, and learning the ways of ancient humans.

James Bates


🚌 🚌 🚌 Lived in a Van. No, Literally.

Husband to Abby. Pixel Perfectionist. Epic Adventurist.

James is an adventurer and designer at heart. He always orders a number one at Chick-Fil-A with an insane amount of polynesian sauce for dipping goodness. Graduating from The University of Alabama with a BA and MA in Public Relations and Advertising, James was among the first students from one of UA’s top schools to help develop a creative curriculum in the school of communications on the campus. As a photographer, James has produced images for major outdoor brands leading him to develop a love for anything outside and has shot for major interior design publications leading him to develop a well-rounded approach to design in the physical and digital. During his tenure at The University of Alabama he was awarded the opportunity to teach senior-level design courses as a part of his Master’s program with which he is able to lead our design team with both technical expertise and creative thinking that extends to our client’s brands and projects. Originally from Fairhope, Alabama, James now travels around the country frequently with his wife Abby, baby TBD, and Goldendoodle, Coast.


Rick Clementz


💂 💂 He's a lawyer & entrepreneur

Father of Five, Husband to Lauren, Legal council and wisdom provider 

Rick joined The Nine in 2021 as an Investing Partner. Last year Rick was appointed to the Alabama Innovation Commission by Governor Ivey. During his time serving on the Innovation Commission, Rick began seeking opportunities to partner with and invest in people that have the potential to be leaders of innovation and that is exactly what he found with The Nine.  Rick brings his experience as a General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Mercedes-Benz US International to the company along with his years of engineering experience in the automotive industry. Rick is passionate about helping others achieve success. He loves to share his faith and pray for others. Rick is inspired daily by his wife Lauren and their 5 children.

Amanda Nicholson


☀️ Lover of White Space

Designed her first logo for an airline at the age of 12

Wife to Chris - Mother of Mila, Ali, Gray, and Jack. Amanda graduated from The University of Alabama with a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and a M.A. in Advertising and Public Relations. With over a decade of experience in web and identity design, Amanda leads the creative team with a seasoned eye for detail and passion for growth. When she isn’t working at The Nine or spending time with her family, Amanda is pursuing a Master’s Degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Whether camping or trail running, Amanda feels most at home in the woods. She plans to walk on her hands by 2023.

Sam Morgan


⏱️ ⏱️ Master of All Things Project Management Related

Husband to Hannah, father to Laken, Remy, Ella, and Ava

Sam Morgan graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He obtained his BS while competing on behalf of the University’s men’s swimming program. Sam honed his marketing and sales skills as he grew multiple fitness enterprises in the Tuscaloosa area. He prides himself on being customer-focused and providing highly personalized services. Sam is actively involved with the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce through their Young Tuscaloosa program and when he isn’t working with his clients or volunteering with the community, you can find him traveling the southeast exploring culture, food, and adventure.

Sean Lee


🧑‍🚒 Former Firefighter

Husband, Father, All-Around Asian Badass

Sean Lee is a Druid City local. He attended The University of Alabama for Digital Media with a minor in Creative Writing. He has worked with internationally recognized ministries as well as the federal, state, and local government. He enjoys playing a variety of instruments as well as training in Jiu-Jitsu in his spare time. 

Mary Beth Terrell


🇩🇪 Former Germany Local

Host of international parties

Mary Beth graduated from Westminster College with a BS in Management Information Systems and a BS in Accounting. Mary Beth worked as a CPA in accounting for nearly ten years and as a recruiter for almost ten more before making the switch to Client Relations and Account Management. She and her family had the opportunity to live in Germany for three years before she joined The Nine. She and her husband, Travis, have three children Elijah, Adam, and Violet, and a Boston Terrier named Prissy. They love to host dinner parties with friends and family.

Tye Odom


🪄🔮 SEO Wizard

Proud owner of YaYa, undeniably the cutest French bulldog in the world.

Tye attended The University of Alabama to study political science and computer science. He learned the art of SEO while recovering from injuries from the 2011 Tuscaloosa tornado. Since then, he has focused all of his attention on SEO and never looked back. Tye has 10+ years of experience in SEO, spearheading projects that increased organic traffic on e-commerce, editorial, agency, real estate and apartment websites and achieved top position for extremely competitive keywords and keyword groups. Tye is the proud owner of a French bulldog, YaYa, and loves golfing and the beach, preferably golfing on the beach.

Rusty Hutchison


9️⃣  đŸš›  Loves Jesus and people, especially Amy, James, Chloe, and Woodsea

Used to drive for the Indy Racing League. A tractor-trailer to be specific.

After graduating from The University of South Carolina, Rusty traveled across the United States which included a one-year stop working in a ski shop in Colorado. Eventually, he visited 48 of 50 states marketing for brands like Coca-Cola, Verizon, Delta, and the Indy Racing League. His experience in marketing, communication strategy, web design, and leadership development is fueled by a passion for helping people and companies communicate effectively. Rusty has worked across diverse industries such as his most recent experience directing marketing strategy for Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area. That diverse experience brings a unique perspective on how to strategically move companies towards their desired goals and objectives through marketing. When he is not strategizing for The Nine, he loves helping people grow in their faith and adventuring with his wife Amy and their 3 kids.

Jason Vaught


📈 Write, Rank, Convert.

Lover of Jesus, Family, and Coffee

Business and entrepreneurship came early for Jason, with his candy selling business being shut down by the middle school principal, which led to his suspension. Taking a break from marketing and strategy until after his formative years, Jason began his first “real” business at 22, which he held until December 2021. Throughout this time, Jason owned various businesses in many industries, which gave him a unique lens to look through. He channeled the information gained from these various perspectives through article content writing. He quickly realized that it took more than good content to rank in Google. This is when his fire for SEO and content marketing first started. Now, Jason focuses all his efforts on SEO and content marketing, finding that he enjoys helping other companies more than his own. There is something special (and spiritual) about being a part of someone else’s success. Personally, Jason most enjoys spending time with his 5-kids and beautiful wife. He’s also passionate about golf, gardening, and reading good books.

Andrew Scarbrough


🥁 Drummer. Enjoys all things 80’s.

Husband to Rylee, father to Wilkes, Oliver and Lucca

Andrew lives in Northport, AL. He graduated from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He completed his professional accounting certifications, and is currently licensed as an Enrolled Agent with the Department of Treasury. Andrew has served companies in both corporate and public accounting for over 8 years and is passionate about creating financial systems to help individuals and business achieve growth and improve their bottom line. He is responsible for managing the finances at The Nine, and it’s ventures, striving to help reach its financial objectives and overall growth. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys playing music and sports, and is interested in all things 80’s.

Malarie Brakefield


🤘🏼 Was voted "Most Likely to Become a Rockstar" in high school.

Did not become a rockstar

Malarie is a graduate of Bevill State Community College and The University of Alabama where she received her B.A. in digital media. She spent her first nine years in the design world creating various forms of print and digital media for a local newspaper company. She is currently a big sister to a Bichon Frisé named Ellie (aka Turkey) and was once a hobbyist beekeeper. She considers lattes a food group. In her spare time she would rather be at a concert with a friend than most any other place. Malarie recently started working out again and believes she now has muscles. No one believes her. If you want to get on her good side, bring her a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Fun fact: Malarie once got a fist-bump from Norman Reedus.

Corinne Green


✋ Asker of Questions

Most encouraging person in the WORLD

Corinne has been apart of the team at The Nine since the summer of 2020 when she worked as in intern working on the web design team. After graduating from Auburn with a degree in Communications and a minor in Graphic Design, Corinne started full-time in May of 2021. Corinne serves as lead designer for the marketing team and keeps things fun as the Director of Culture. She has always had an appreciation for art and creativity and loves being able to use her skills and passions to help people market their business. Outside of work Corinne’s hobbies include lots of cooking and baking, trail running, pottery, and thrift shopping. Corinne resides in beautiful Chattanooga, TN with her husband Noah. 

Emily Williams


🥬 🥬 Once Grew a 15 lb Cabbage...

...and she was only 8 years old

Emily is a native of Dothan, AL, better known as the peanut capital of the world. She graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Public Relations, as well as a General Business minor. Emily has a passion for people and a love for anything creative, leading her to choose her major. She is a new resident to Knoxville, TN where she and her husband work with Younglife, a ministry mentoring local high school students. She has a bad habit of squealing everytime she sees a dog and is unashamed of asking any stranger if she can pet their pup.

Lee Cunningham


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Joined The Nine from Scotland

Has a terrarium for a bedroom

Lee grew up in Arbroath, Scotland, where he graduated with a Bachelors in Web Design and Development at Abertay University. He made the move to Tuscaloosa, Alabama seeking new opportunities and to be united with his now wife. He and his wife help the local community by fostering kittens from Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter where she previously worked. He is passionate about working alongside his valued team members at The Nine. One of his ambitions is to aid companies and business owners in establishing a notable online presence, from which they can achieve elevated rates of consumer and community interaction. Lee is an animal lover of all kinds, a proud owner of two loveable cats, a beautiful bearded dragon and a charismatic chameleon.

Natasha Szulczewski


🐱 Cat Mom and Tuscaloosa Local

Natasha once lived in Ireland

Natasha grew up in Tuscaloosa, AL before furthering her education at The University of Alabama where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems. She came to The Nine looking to expand her knowledge and skills in web development. Her favorite animals are cats (she has an orange tabby named Ozzie). Her favorite pastimes are reading books and playing Minecraft. A fun fact about Natasha is that she lived in Ireland for a year!

Audrey Nettles


🐶 🐱 🦋 Dolly Parton Lover & Proud Denture Wearer

Knows how to clog dance

Audrey grew up in Hamilton, MS and she recently earned her B.B.A in Marketing from Mississippi State University. After doing 2 internships during her college career, Audrey joined The Nine as Marketing Intern and has recently filled the position of Digital Marketing Specialist. Audrey loves challenging her creativity and meeting new people. She has recently moved to Tuscaloosa, AL and enjoys spending her time at the lake, thrifting, working out, taking photos on her many film cameras, and making playlists for her friends.

Steve Karlotski


🐶  đŸŽŠ 🐨 Man With A Plan & Jack Of All Trades

Once wrestled a koala bear

Steve is a trophied affiliate marketer who honed his skills on the brutal streets of cold calling and door-to-door sales. But he didn't let the grind get him down. After earning his business degree from San Diego State University, Steve headed to the sunny shores of Pensacola where he spent his days binding books on the beach, enjoying the laid-back retirement lifestyle. But Steve's passion for entrepreneurship never waned. In his free time, he enjoys dabbling in AI, automation, and all things SEO-related, including the ever-important art of link building.


We LOVE Our Clients

And they LOVE us

Working with The Nine and Billy has been a fantastic experience for us. They are prompt, proficient and offer us multiple perspectives in order to maximize the potential of our website. They are far from a static group and are certainly the most dynamic group we have worked with. It's not just what's on the surface of The Nine that is great, it is also what's under the surface that makes The Nine great.