Mii Estilo

Fashion for Photography

Mii Estilo founder Ingrid Roessen is known as a top designer for luxurious, stunning gowns including maternity gowns for photoshoots, fine art dresses for portraiture and detailed children's fashion for photoshoots. 

Each piece is handmade in The Netherlands. Mii Estilo's designs are featured internationally including at the trend-setting New York Fashion Week. The brand has been named the Gucci or Prada of photography.

Mii Estilo

Digitial Marketing Services

The Problem

When Mii Estilo approached The Nine, the company was using an e-commerce platform that was plagued with outdated security settings. This forced Mii Estilo to seek out a better solution for their website hosting, SEO and design. The website needed to be secure with e-commerce capabilities that could provide the optimal user experience for their customers worldwide.

The Solution

Mii Estilo chose to use Shopify as their new e-commerce platform.The Nine provided services to help ensure the transition to Shopify went smoothly. The transition went so well that Mii Estilo brought The Nine as a long-term website consultant and marketing partner.

The Results

After eight months with The Nine, Mii Estilo saw the following results:

  • New Mii Estilo website now ranks in Shopify’s Top 1%
  • Conversation rate increased by 300%
  • Revenue increased by 158% 
  • Mii Estilo now has a sustainable support team to test and implement changes confidently and efficiently

We LOVE Our Clients

And they LOVE us

I am so happy working with the Nine on our new site. My business is growing every month because I have a team of experts that helps me now. Thank you!