Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing battle for the top rankings of every internet search that has the potential to bring in more customers to your business. As long as your business exists you will have to compete for higher search rankings as competitors try to push you down. Sometimes search engines change the game completely by adding new features, restrictions, or requirements. Whatever the future holds, when you have The Nine on your side, you have a better chance of increasing your page rankings and staying ranked.

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What can you expect from our SEO service?

SEO Process

We take our SEO Process seriously.

To beat your own website’s past search performance, we work through The Nine's in-depth, Search Engine Optimization Process that includes three phases: Foundation, Structure, and Growth. This process takes 12 months of focused work to get real trackable results for your business.


"It's all about the process." - Nick Saban, referencing The Nine's SEO services. At least that's how we remember it.

SEO Tracking, Analysis, & Strategy

The Foundation

The Foundation of our process starts with learning about your business and understanding how well your website is currently performing and achieving your business goals. Your website should be working for you, not against you. Either way, we’ll dig in and find out. Then we deliver the plan to fix what’s holding you back and expand your growth.

Onboarding: We meet with you to discuss your business, goals, and give you an overview of our process.

  • Access to Google Search Console 
  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Access to Google My Business Listings
  • Access your website's content management system

Tracking: The only way we can measure success is by making sure we track everything that matters most to your business. We use a variety of tools to track your website’s performance.

  • SEO Results Tracking in Google Analytics

  • Target Keyword Tracking

Analysis: Once we have full access to your website and our SEO tools are set up, we can start analyzing the health of your website.

  • Technical SEO Analysis

  • On-Page SEO Analysis (Content & Keyword Analysis)

  • Off-Page SEO Analysis (Backlink Analysis, Social, & Public Relations)

Strategy: Now that we understand the problems and opportunities surrounding your website, we lay out the plan to prioritize and execute the tactics needed to get results. This document is how we communicate our initial Strategy and includes:

  • Technical SEO Strategy
  • On-Page SEO Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Keyword Strategy
  • Off-Page SEO Strategy
    • Backlink Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Public Relations Strategy


Content is still king. We'll write it for you.

The Structure

We know what needs to be done, now it's time to start making the necessary changes to improve your website. Building the Structure of your website involves fixing Technical SEO issues and improving the existing content on your website.


  • Execute Technical SEO Work 

    • Site Structure

    • Page Speed

    • Index Coverage Errors

    • Server Errors

    • Sitemaps

    • Mobile-Usability

    • Core Web Vitals

    • Security Issues

  • Execute On-Page SEO Work on Existing Content

    • Internal Linking

    • Content Formatting

    • Structured Data

    • Images & Video

    • Improving Written Content

SEO is really about growth.


With a strong Foundation and solid Structure, your website is ready for Growth. At this point in the process, we’re probably starting to see positive results from the work we’ve done so far. But there is still much more room to grow. We aim at the biggest opportunities we found during our Content and Keyword Analysis. Then we work with you to create new content. This will improve your chances of increasing your rankings in search engines for the keywords we target. Then we work with you to earn links to your content in natural credible ways. 

  • Execute ongoing On-Page SEO

  • Create new content based on Content Strategy

    • Skyscraper Style Content

    • Hub Style Content

    • Graphic Design

    • Video Production

  • Execute Off-Page SEO

    • Backlinks Work

    • Public Relations

    • Social Media

    • Reputation Management

    • Business Listings Management


Monthly SEO Results Reporting

Every month we'll send you a report that lets you see your average search rankings for the keywords and locations we're targeting for you.

Our main goal is to generate more organic Awareness in search engines, more organic Traffic from search engines, and more organic Leads and Sales.

We'll meet with you over video chat as needed to discuss your results each month and make sure we're all moving forward in the same direction.

If you want to work with a real SEO company that helps businesses like yours improve their rankings every day, give us a shout.

Check out these results we got for some for our SEO clients: 

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