Wilderness Hunting Lodge

Case Study: The Wilderness Hunting Lodge Website & SEO

The Wilderness Hunting Lodge's Main Services

At the heart of Wilderness Hunting Lodge are two exciting services:

  1. Wild Boar Hunting: This is a big draw for many visitors. The lodge offers thrilling hunts where visitors can experience the challenge and thrill of hunting wild boars.

  2. Exotic Game Hunts: Not just boars, the lodge also lets hunters try their skills with other exotic animals like axis deer, elk, and buffalo. It's a unique adventure that many hunters dream of.

These services are the lodge's stars, and they needed to shine online.


Wilderness Hunting Lodge wanted two main things:

  1. A Great Website: A website that looks good, is easy to use, and works well on phones and computers.

  2. Better Online Visibility: They wanted more people to find them on search engines like Google.

The Challenge

The big task? Keeping the lodge's natural and rustic feel while making a modern website. Also, many other places compete online. So, the lodge had to stand out.

What The Nine Did

1. Building the Website:

  • For the User: The Nine made a website that's easy for visitors to use. Big pictures show off the lodge. The design makes people want to stay there.

  • Works on Phones: Many people use phones to look at websites. So, The Nine made sure the site looks good and works well on all devices.

  • Fun Features: The Nine added things like booking forms and maps. This makes it easy for visitors to plan their stay.

2. Getting Found Online:

  • Picking the Right Words: The Nine found words that people use to search for places like the lodge. They put these words on the site and improved their SEO.

  • Telling a Good Story: The team wrote fun and helpful stuff about the lodge. This makes visitors want to learn more.

  • Making the Site Fast: Websites should load quickly. The Nine made sure of that. They also made sure search engines like Google can read the site easily.

The Good News

After the new site went live:

  • More people visited the lodge's website.
  • The lodge showed up higher in search results.
  • People liked using the new website.
  • More people wanted to book a stay.

In Short

The Nine and Wilderness Hunting Lodge worked together. Now, the lodge has a great website and more visitors. It shows that with the right help, any place can shine online.