Billy Swift

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Billy’s expertise as the Director of Web Development at The Nine is well-established with over a decade of experience in full-stack web development. Having built and launched hundreds of websites, his comprehensive knowledge spans from back-end programming to front-end development, database management, and deployment on cloud infrastructures. Billy excels in front-end development, particularly in translating design files into responsive and functional websites with his mastery of HTML and CSS. This proficiency is complemented by his adeptness in using various APIs, content delivery networks, and web tools to enhance user experience. His role at The Nine, coupled with his foundational work in graphic design and digital media, cements his status as a respected and authoritative figure in the field of web development.

Billy Swift

Web Development Director/Partner

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The Nine and their staff did a superb job in helping Warrior Tractor recently in developing their new website. All their staff are professional and in my opinion the “A” players in this type of business arena. I would highly recommend them for your future website needs.