Wallace Community College Selma


The Problem

When Wallace Community College approached The Nine about a new site, they were in a situation where their current site wasn't meeting the expectations of students and faculty. There were broken links, usability issues and mobile design inconsistencies.  After looking at other college websites, WCCS found The Nine. They wanted to work with someone local that understood their needs and the market.  Enter The Nine :) 

The Solution 

We started from the ground up working on the user experience and user flow to build out a well informed navigation system.  Once we had this foundation to build on, we started design from mobile first to the desktop. Thinking through how the end user would experience every click we wanted potential students and parents to be able to easily find information on admissions, financial aid, majors, and anything else they might need to succeed.

The Results 

After the new site launched, WCCS saw a drop in bounce rate of almost 40 percent.  The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.  The increased engagement on the site was also visible by the time on site, which improved by over 1 minute.  End users were spending more time on the site which in turn led to fewer calls and support issues for both students and prospective students.  Another win for the newly designed website was over 6,000 new users to WCCS since the launch of the website!

Why The Nine

"The staff that we worked with was great, especially Sam Morgan--I like him.  He was professional and had great ideas. He always did what he said he was going to do."

-Robby Bennett