Parks and Recreation

Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority seeks to enrich our community through exciting recreational and cultural opportunities.

PARA offers something for everyone with almost 2,000 acres of green space including over 35 parks, boat landings, seven activity centers, an 18-hole award winning golf course, award-winning tennis facility, recreation and leisure for all ages, special events and more.



One Client, Three Websites

PARA wears many hats, and they needed multiple websites designed and developed to help them showcase just that. They maintain parks, trails, shelters, activity centers, gardens and sports fields. We designed three different sites, each with its own aesthetic that coincided with the other two designs and a user-friendly back-end.

Each website is housed under the same domain, but each was branded uniquely to show the PARA's versatility.

Tuscaloosa County Parks & Recreation Authority

Ol' Colony Golf | Tuscaloosa, Alabama Championship Golf Course 

Tuscaloosa Tennis Center

The Design

The Tuscaloosa County PARA website has a youthful design that reminds us of the fun and care-free nature of a day at the park. It contrasts the design of the Tuscaloosa Ol’ Colony Golf course website while also complementing it. The color palette, fonts, and layouts collaborate while still managing to give the Tuscaloosa Ol’ Colony Golf Course website a mature, professional, yet relaxed personality. The third website features the amenities and general information related to the Tuscaloosa Tennis Center. The branding for the other two websites continues to translate but with a more modern look. The brighter color palette was chosen to give a sporty and active twist to the overall brand.

To create an ideal user interface, we focused on getting website visitors to the information they were looking for as easily as possible using PARA's backend provider, Webtrac. This website includes aerial designs of each hole, membership information, programs and sports facilities offered, and more. You can easily naviagate between PARA’s main site, the golf club, and the tennis center without opening a new tab.