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As one of the oldest and largest law firms in Tuscaloosa, Rosen Harwood is able to apply both experience and innovation to provide high quality, customized legal services for its clients. Our dedicated team approach allows us to offer full–service representation to individuals, businesses, municipalities, and other public entities throughout Alabama, the Southeast and Nationwide in the following areas: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Agriculture, Banking and Financial Institutions, Business and Commercial, Construction, Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy, Drug and Medical Device Claims, Energy, Environmental, Estate Planning and Probate, Labor and Employment, Litigation, Real Estate, Social Security Disability, and Tax.

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Before we began working on our website with The Nine, our site was on an antiquated web platform which was quite obvious to the user. Once we started utilizing the expertise of The Nine our website was drastically improved. They started with the existing aged framework and moved it onto their Caboose platform piece by piece. They then incorporated improvements throughout the site with little or no assistance from our firm. The finished product after the transition was excellent! Since the initial implementation I have been responsible for the website content using the Caboose platform. I find this interface to be user friendly (I have no formal experience in website publishing) and have found very few places where I have been unable to edit or revise our website as needed. What few issues I have had using the Caboose interface, the technicians at The Nine have quickly and expertly assisted me. The Nine and its proprietary website platform are a vast improvement upon our web presence!