City of Tuscaloosa


The Problem

The City of Tuscaloosa needed a website that was managable on all browsing platforms and devices. The goal was to increase user satisfaction, place higher importance on funtionality, and create a better experience for employees of the city as well as new and returning users. Another issued that was frequently mentioned was the need for consistency across the site. The original site had multiple employees from varied departments controlling content. This caused user confusion and scattered information that should be found together.

The Solution

  • Devise a homepage that is visually appealing and serves users' most requested functions based on feedback, analytics and 311 call center data. The homepage must dynamically change content based on fluctuations in user browsing trends.
  • Develop the website on a modern content management system that is flexible, easy to use and capable of creating visually dynamic pages while keeping all content within the brand standards and voice.
  • Create an information architecture and navigation structure that would allow users to access the deepest portions of the site within three interactions.
  • Build an aesthetic and experience framework that is consistent throughout the site and sets user expectations for how information and functions work regardless of department or program.

The Result

Since launch on October 25, 2018 has received over half a million page views, and is still hitting its target of users getting to their final destinations within three clicks with an average of 2.6 pages per session. The new site has traffic increase of 13%. While we have launched the website, it is never finished. We plan to update the architecture next quarter and we are constantly updating graphics and artwork to more accurately reflect our city government.