City of Oxford

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City websites present a unique platform for municipalities to engage with the communities they serve. We were excited to provide our friends in Oxford with a user-first website design that will help their citizens access the resources and information they need to thrive.

The Nine recently had the pleasure of designing and developing the new City of Oxford website. 

City of Oxford


Easy to Use

"Our old website was troublesome, out of date, and we were concerned it did not serve our citizens and visitors well. We wished for a website the city could be proud of now and in the future. We weren't merely looking for a website that met today's standards, but one that would make us the best municipality on the web. In addition to a well-functional and aesthetically pleasing website, we needed a site with a simple back-end so our city staff could maintain and continually improve the site."

Stacy Booth, Administrative Assistant, Marketing & Public Communications 


The new design comes from the client’s desire to create a website for its citizens that is exciting to look at as well as informative. Creating a modern, fun design was the goal. This included a color rebrand that took subtle hints from the city’s previous branding and paired it with a modern and exciting palette. Some of the challenges included incorporating previously built assets and functionality as well as redesigning a user-interface and experience that made it easy for users to find what they were looking for. Being an informative and easy-to-use tool for the user was paramount.

Our Visitors

"We want it to be evident for our visitors online that our information, services, and resources are easily accessible to our residents, business owners, and visitors on our new site. We want people to use the website as a tool to learn more about the beautiful city we call home, what we have to offer, and as a medium to communicate with us. We're also very proud of our 311- non-emergency helpline, where people can call or report an issue online."

Stacy Booth, Administrative Assistant, Marketing & Public Communications 

We LOVE Our Clients

And they LOVE us

We had a great experience working with The Nine to redesign our city website. The staff was very easy to communicate with and quick to respond to all our requests. Sam walked us through the entire process, listening to our concerns and offering creative and helpful suggestions that made the final product a site that uniquely represents the City of Oxford.