Start your Internship Journey with The Nine

Finding an internship opportunity that gives you real, valuable experience can be a tough job in its own right. Between coffee runs and sorting through mail, you’d be hard pressed to fit any real training into your time at a traditional internship.

That isn’t to say looking for an internship is a waste of time. More and more modern companies are taking the time to give their interns real chances to learn and grow on the job. Luckily, The Nine is that kind of company.

When you intern at The Nine, you’re coming into a company that has countless collective years of experience to impart. Not to mention, room for you to learn and develop your own skills. Take a look at a brief overview of an internship with The Nine and see if we’re right for you!

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What to expect

The Timeline

Some unpaid internships are designed to continue indefinitely until a company decides they need you. The Nine understands that this just isn’t a viable way to keep potential employees invested in the company for long periods of time.

We plan for our interns to work unpaid for four weeks, to make sure The Nine is a good fit for them. After this four week period is over, it’s possible that you’ll be offered a paid internship with us. Again, this is mostly determined by how well you work with The Nine during your initial period.

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What It’s All About

Hands-On Work

During your internship period, you won’t be shuffled away doing busywork. The Nine wants to see what you’re capable of, as well as help you develop your own skills and niche in the world of digital media.

While interning at The Nine, you will work with one of our directors on either an internal project, or one of our Nine Ventures projects. These types of tasks are perfect for giving you a sample of what The Nine does on a regular basis.

Additionally, you will be invited to weekly Townhall video meetings every Friday at 9 AM. These meetings give everyone in the company a chance to talk with each other, share life updates, and bond. On top of the team building aspect, these meetings keep the entire company updated on important news within The Nine.

The Nine wants to see what you’re capable of, as well as help you develop your own skills and niche in the world of digital media.

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The Chance to Grow

The Nine isn’t just devoted to seeing how good of a fit you are. While you’re interning with us, we offer a Clifton Gallups Strengths test.

This test is designed to accurately analyze the kind of individual you are, in terms of work. With it, you’re able to self-reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and it’s known to uncover things that many people aren’t able to put into words easily.

You may be someone who is incredibly self-aware, but it always helps to check in with yourself periodically to see where you are in life. The Clifton Gallups Strengths test is the perfect way to do so.


Take Your First Steps With The Nine

Everyone at The Nine, from content creators to web designers, all have the same core goal in mind: doing meaningful work for clients that need and appreciate it. Interning here ensures that you get a taste of what goes into that work.

If you’re interested in an internship opportunity with The Nine, please fill in the information boxes so that we can get started.

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