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Welcome to Ninely News, where we invite you to share your faith-based stories and experiences! Here, you can submit personal stories that have impacted you in a meaningful way. Your story will be seen by the entire Ninely News community and can help others who may be going through similar situations. So don’t hesitate - come join us and share your story today!

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Why share your story?

Ninely News offers a platform for individuals to share their experiences on how their faith has impacted their professional lives and leadership. By sharing personal anecdotes and insights, subscribers can draw inspiration from real-life examples of how religious beliefs have influenced career trajectories and decision-making processes.

In addition to providing an avenue for personal outreach, Ninely News fosters connections among like-minded professionals within the faith-based community. This network can facilitate collaborations, career opportunities, or simply provide a source of support for individuals seeking to navigate their professional lives while maintaining a strong commitment to their faith.

Subscribers can also contribute to Ninely News’ content, which is designed to be both informative and thought-provoking. By contributing their own perspectives on current events or trends, readers can help shape the conversation and provide valuable insights to others in the faith-based business community. Ultimately, Ninely News is more than just a newsletter; it is a dynamic community that empowers individuals to connect, grow, and thrive in both their personal and professional lives.



Showcase how faith has influenced your professional life and leadership


Connect with Like-
Minded Individuals

Foster relationships within the faith-based business community


Contribute to Ninely
News Content

Help shape the newsletter and provide valuable insights to subscribers

What We Need From You, the Storyteller

Story Submission Guidelines

Your content must include key takeaways or lessons learned, as well as focus on a few main faith-based key points.

  • Principles
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Marketing

When you submit a written piece for Ninely News, it is best to follow a suggested 500-word minimum count. This helps ensure that the article is concise and easy to read. Additionally, it is important to provide ample details and facts to make the content informative and engaging. The use of high semantic richness also adds value to the piece.

When submitting video or audio content to Ninely News, it’s important to keep in mind that we have a maximum limit of 5 minutes. By following this guideline, you can ensure that your story is detailed enough to provide valuable information without overwhelming the audience with too much information. We value quality and relevance in our news reporting, and we believe that sticking to this timeframe helps us deliver the most impactful stories to our viewers. So, whether you’re submitting a video or audio recording, remember to keep it concise and powerful to make the most of your submission.


Written Submissions

  • 500-word minimum
  • .doc file or Google Doc
  • Proofread for accuracy
  • Faith-focused
Audio Video

Audio/Video Submissions

  • 5 minutes or less
  • MP4, MOV, MP3 or WAV
  • Speak clearly
  • Use a microphone

Editing Process

After reviewing your submission, a Ninely News editor will reach out to you to coordinate publication.

What Happens Next?

Your story has been submitted. Now what?

Review Process

After you submit your story, you will work with our editors to create a feature of your journey.


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Your story will be published in the Ninely News, a community of faith driven business leaders who commit to growing together and making a positive impact. Your story will inspire and empower others to share their testimony.