Ecommerce Copywriting Strategies For 2023

by Jason Vaught
Ecommerce Copywriting Strategies For 2023

Ecommerce Copywriting for 2023

The ecommerce space is rapidly evolving as the online world continues to grow in significance, scope, and potential. Customers globally have embraced ecommerce for its convenience, tailored experience, expansive retail options, and social media integration.

However, ecommerce isn’t a walk in the park for online store owners. You may face the dilemma of how to make your ecommerce brand stand out and attract customers. Offering goods or services isn’t always enough, considering the massive competition in ecommerce. Here is where ecommerce copywriting comes makes a difference!

Excellent copy draws immense traffic to your online store and converts the traffic into sales. Read on to learn about ecommerce copywriting, including transforming your online content into a money-making masterpiece.

What Is Ecommerce Copywriting?

Ecommerce copywriting involves offering your online store any written promotional content or text. It’s using words to lure customers into completing your desired action - typically a purchase or click on a sign-up link.

This copywriting involves finding a sweet spot between customer engagement, product promotion, and ranking high on search engines. Some of the helpful written content that ecommerce copywriters offer includes:

  • Compelling product descriptions

  • Insightful FAQs

  • Attractive website headers that draw traffic

  • Attention-grabbing emails

  • Landing page sales copy

  • Blog post calls to action

Therefore, optimizing for high-quality copy is the secret to boosting sales in your ecommerce business without increasing acquisition expenditure. This effect explains why excellent copywriting across all touchpoints is one of the most successful ways of driving leads and customers through the sales funnel.

The Benefits of Great Copywriting

Good copywriting is a dime a dozen, which is especially true thanks to the ChatGPT revolution. Mediocre content is flooding the internet, making a strong case for investing in great copywriting.

Great copywriting can be the determining factor of a successful online store, propelling sales and improving conversions. It explains why some ecommerce brands outperform others in search engine results regarding what they communicate and how they say it.

Here are some benefits of top-quality copywriting for ecommerce stores.

Brand Differentiation

Great copywriting is essential to enhance your online store’s branding–your ecommerce brand is just as good as how you express it. Ecommerce copywriting helps increase brand distinction, setting you apart from the competition.

You might sell the best products or services. Still, prospective customers will only differentiate your brand from the competition if you can effectively communicate why your product is a better solution to their problem. Product copy that is sharply written and relevant to what’s on the consumer’s mind indicates trustworthiness and quality, making your brand look unique among others.

Also, effective copywriting empowers you to communicate how your brand differs from the competition. It clearly and succinctly articulates to customers why they should purchase from you instead of the competition.

Improved Customer Relationships

Great copywriting gives your ecommerce business a human touch, making it more relatable. As a result, interesting copy develops a recognizable voice that a potential customer can quickly identify in a congested market environment.

This familiarity is the basis for client trust and the foundation for establishing a long-term customer relationship.

Increased Sales and Conversations

80% of people skim through content, while only 20% read it. Great copywriters can express and strategically place the most crucial selling points so customers can readily peruse through. They understand how to create words that push customers to take immediate action.

Great ecommerce copywriting illustrates how the product or service solves the customer’s issue. Words can address particular issues and assist the buyer in overcoming any reservations about making a purchase.

Increased Brand Visibility

With the ever-growing expansion of digital marketing, your ecommerce brand exists on multiple channels, including your website, social media, and email marketing. There are plenty of platforms where your online customers can interact with your business, so your brand visibility is essential.

Effective copywriting guarantees your brand stands out and potential shoppers take notice, no matter where your potential customers interact. It also ensures a consistent brand experience and unified touchpoints, establishing the groundwork for brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Defines Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is vital for your ecommerce business, and great copywriting easily explains who you are and what your brand offers. ecommerce copywriting plays an essential role in your brand strategy, helping you to develop your brand persona and portray your brand values to your client base.

Where To Include Ecommerce Copywriting

Ecommerce copywriting is essential on all your visited pages, irrespective of where you place it.

Here are the areas where you should include ecommerce copywriting.


As a brand strategy, every page of your ecommerce brand should feature ecommerce copywriting, featuring intriguing and unique content. The more engaging copy you have on your website, the higher the chances that search engines will rank it higher on organic searches, improving your page’s traffic.

Typically, ecommerce copy is short yet informative. However, we can transition this into search engine-friendly long-form content by creating multiple calls to action based on the customer’s awareness level.

Home Page

The homepage is your online brand’s shop front, giving customers an insight into what to expect from your website. It provides the first impression of the customer experience on your site. You can get off to a good start with great ecommerce copywriting on your homepage, communicating what you offer and precisely how it’s different.

It’s essential to keep your home page website copywriting content short, typically 200-600 words, but still cover crucial information. In addition, your home page copy should also engage potential customers, establish brand identity, conclusively match user intent, and provide easy navigation.

Category Page

Often, customers stream to your site expecting to solve a problem but need clarification about which product best suits their needs. By offering ecommerce copywriting on the category page, you can describe the product grouping and provide guiding tidbits about each product.

While the primary role of the category page is to provide direction, it also offers the opportunity to establish your brand’s authority and boost conversion rates through ecommerce copywriting. Therefore, your website copy on the category page should be brief; roughly 100 words are well-fitting.

Depending on the layout of your website, you should have space for a few sentences at the top or bottom of your category page.

Product Descriptions

The product pages are among the most significant for your ecommerce brand’s website. They offer customers detailed information about the products they want and offer you the chance to explain why they need them.

Since the product description is the last thing your customers see before making a purchase decision, create intriguing content so they have no reason to back out. The description copy should include more than just the typical few bullets of the product’s features.

Start your omnichannel product page by explaining why your products are better and different from the competition, and provide the benefits of the products. Keep an eye out for novel approaches to product storytelling and emphasize some of the actual reasons your audience loves your products.

Landing Pages

Your landing pages are helpful tools for getting the attention of external audiences, serving as an entryway to your website. They help you direct your leads to conversion by carefully placing links and calls to action on other digital platforms and website pages.

Since a landing page is the customer’s initial contact point with your business, optimize it by including high-quality ecommerce copy. Direct response landing pages bridge the gap between the call to action and your ecommerce brand, so you must ensure a connection between the ad and the page.

Unlike ecommerce copywriting on other website pages, only use as many words as is necessary to capture information for future retargeting and remarketing

Email Marketing

Include ecommerce copywriting in email marketing to boost the engagement metrics of your campaign. A top-quality email copy helps to convince your reader to take your desired action. 

Your online business will benefit from including ecommerce copywriting in email marketing through the following ways:

  • Increased ROI

  • A stronger relationship with your email marketing audience

  • Better open rates and conversion rates

Potential customers will spend more time engaging in the email copy. If your recipients spend more time reading and responding to your emails, they will be more likely to remember your brand, boosting brand awareness and increasing customer retention.


If you are going to pay for ads, get the most out of your investment. You can also include ecommerce copywriting in your online brand’s advertising channels, including flyers, display ads, mobile ads, and social media ads. An excellent ad copy will enable more potential clients into your online store with simple yet effective messaging.

An ad copy captures your customer’s attention, leaving a lasting impression. However, consider the online advertising platform when including an ad copy in your ecommerce marketing strategy. It will help you customize your ads to meet the advertising channel’s guidelines without omitting vital information.

Social Media

Social media is making tremendous strides in digital marketing, and you can use the platforms better to grow your brand by providing high-quality content. It is even better to include ecommerce copywriting if you’re already working as a social media account manager or content creator.

The average person spends roughly 2.5 hours on social media daily. You can drive this audience to your ecommerce store through ecommerce copywriting, enhancing the engagement numbers on your social media posts.

You’ll create product descriptions and promotions as you would on other digital marketing platforms while sticking to the constraints of the social media channel’s layout.

Blog Content

Ecommerce SEO copywriting is vital for all industries and categories where they can monetize their content and prompt a desirable action. Online customers will stick around, click links, and make purchases when you offer crisp blog content.

Unlike standard blogs that are informative, ecommerce copywriting for blog content is more persuasive while maintaining SEO copywriting best practices to earn a high ranking in search engines. As a result, blog content marketing plays a significant role in boosting conversion to draw more traffic and generate revenue.

How To Find a Good Copywriter

Ecommerce copywriting is the heart and soul of digital marketing for online stores. However, writing detailed and persuasive ecommerce content takes time and is daunting for most online business owners. To skip the hassle, you can hire a copywriter to handle your ecommerce brand’s copywriting needs. But how do you find a good copywriter for your online store?

A good copywriter isn’t easy to find, and hiring a top professional is no simple job, especially if you’re looking for the crème de la crème. For this reason, we’ve highlighted essential considerations when finding a good copywriter.

Good Reading Material Isn’t Enough

You need more than “good content” when building a reputable ecommerce brand; you need a voice that can convert readers into customers. That means you should integrate solid content with copywriting fundamentals, including SEO content marketing best practices, to help your brand rank high in search results. Remember that quality content gets people to your site, but great copywriting keeps them as loyal clients.

Not Every Good Writer Makes For a Good Copywriter

Copywriters are writers, but not all writers can make great ecommerce copywriters. Even the best writers can be dreadful as copywriters. The reason is that conventional writers create content for themselves, intending to convert their thoughts into words that effectively express their ideas.

Conversely, your product or service is the primary selling point or message in ecommerce copywriting. Ecommerce Copywriters use the product or brand they work for as inspiration, employing a creative and unique spin to develop fascinating writing material.

Therefore, when hiring a copywriter for your ecommerce brand, consider finding a gifted person who can effectively represent your customers and brand.

Know Where To Look for a Copywriter

Finally, when hiring a good copywriter for your ecommerce brand, it is essential to know the right place to find one. Unfortunately, most online owners fall into the trap of hiring from freelance platforms, which are only sometimes effective. While copywriters from such platforms can be cost-effective, should you hire an inexperienced professional, they could be costly in the long run should you hire an unskilled professional.

Instead, work with an ecommerce agency that specializes in copywriting services. This way, you have an ecommerce copywriter creating the content and a team supervising the process, ensuring you have the best content and page experience.

Ecommerce Copywriting Tips

Producing dynamic-high-quality copy is challenging when there’s a strong need for unique content to differentiate yourself in competitive markets. Here are some insightful ecommerce copywriting tips that work.

Tone of Voice

Finding the right tone of voice plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of your ecommerce copywriting strategy, as it portrays your brand personality. You can choose from a wide range of tones, including formal, playful, and casual, provided it authenticates your brand identity.

To find the right tone of voice for your ecommerce copy, start by studying your target market, including demographics and psychographics. It will help you replicate your audience’s tone of voice and communicate to customers how they prefer.

Also, your tone should be in line with the product or service you sell; for instance, the tone of voice for a brand selling beauty products will differ from that of a brand selling pet products.

Short Sentences & Paragraphs

The goal of ecommerce copywriting is communicating to your customers in a way they understand best. Short sentences and paragraphs are easy to read and understand. The length of your sentences and paragraphs could determine your engagement metrics.

Think about it from a potential customer's perspective. Wouldn’t you rather navigate easy-to-read content?

The general rule of thumb is more full stops and fewer commas. Short, precise sentences drive the information better than lengthy, flowery language. Consider ways to make each statement on your ecommerce website more concise and clear. Instead of being charming or intelligent, use words to motivate action.

Talking Over People’s Heads

Talking over your customers’ heads will harm the effectiveness of your ecommerce marketing. Your readers don’t visit your website to get a hold of the technical details and jargon behind your products. Instead, your written content should be easy to understand, encouraging the reader to take your desired action.

Give your audience what they want to hear–make the copy relatable, relevant, and fun to read. It encourages better engagement and communicates to readers why they should buy from your brand, not the competition.

Benefits > Features

It might be challenging to resist the temptation to highlight how impressive your product’s specs are. Although you could believe it presents your goods in their finest light, customers emotionally make most purchases.

User experience and copywriting should complement one another. Symbols, bullet points, or badges are just a few methods to condense important information that clients care about without boring them with technical product specs. Therefore, each time you mention one of the product features, add a benefit that activates the user’s emotions.

Story Telling

Storytelling is essential to your ecommerce copywriting, helping you connect with potential customers and enhance engagement and conversions. It gives your ecommerce brand a human touch, and your audience will feel more emotionally attached to your business.

With ecommerce copywriting, you’re building a brand, not just making sales. So, employ storytelling to develop the narrative for your ecommerce brand. It defines why you entered the business, your company’s objective, and how your products can improve your prospects’ lives. Storytelling has a lasting impression on readers after they leave your website.

Add Style to the Text

Getting your brand’s message to the public is challenging, as most customers need to be avid readers. Adding a consistent style to your text is essential to encourage your customers to take your preferred action.

Your ecommerce copy needs a distinctive and exciting style for your readers to remember your content. Adding a consistent style to your copy reinforces your brand image in line with the tone of voice.

If you have a solid copywriting style, you can create a brand that is relatable and interesting to read. It helps you produce consistent, high-quality text that your audience will enjoy reading.

Split Test

Ecommerce copywriting sounds like a complicated concept, but breaking it down into smaller manageable sections and testing to determine what works for your ecommerce brand isn’t. It explains the importance of split tests in ecommerce copywriting, offering you a greater chance of success.

Ecommerce copywriting doesn’t have a clear-cut formula; what works for other brands in your industry won’t work for you. However, performing tests on comparable pages of your website, especially pages with similar text, and providing minor variations will help copywriters determine what works best for your business.

Create Urgency

Make your potential buyers feel a sense of urgency. That is a proven way to push people to purchase now rather than later. For your ecommerce copywriting to drive your brand’s sales, readers should feel like making a purchase as soon as possible is in their best interest rather than later.

One effective strategy for increasing conversions and sales is to create a sense of missing out on a great opportunity. Some great copywriting techniques to create urgency include:

  • Provide what readers want

  • Create scarcity

  • Offer timelines

  • Offer incentives

Build Anticipation

Consider building expectations and anticipation for your potential customers to make your content writing more impactful. Get your audience excited about the next step once they accept your offer by making your content seem exclusive. It entices your customers to read your ecommerce copy and helps increase your conversion rates and engagement metrics.

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Consider hiring a digital marketing agency if you need more time to grasp and implement the above tips in your ecommerce copy. Such agencies have specialized teams with expert copywriting services and other digital marketing skills that can help draw customers to your brand.

Hiring a marketing agency gives you time to focus on running your business, skipping the attention and hassles of generating copywriting content. Also, you will benefit from new ideas and techniques from an expert digital marketing team to propel your brand to achieve the desired goals.

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