Feb 12, 2021


Nonprofit organizations rally people together behind a common cause, but what if their current nonprofit website design isn’t advocating for them?

Having a user-friendly website design that is easy to update with the latest fundraisers and events is essential to telling an organization's story. The problem is that creating and managing a website can be extremely time consuming and complicated. Nonprofit administrators and staff have volunteers to organize, fundraising campaigns to launch, grant money to lobby for and potential donors to contact. They deserve a website that champions their cause without taking time away from the more important task at hand.

That's why The Nine offers simple web design and development solutions to help nonprofit organizations communicate with donors, volunteers and beneficiaries in a compelling way. 

Our team recently got to partner with United Way of West Alabama to do just that.




A nonprofit's website should cause visitors to feel a deep sense of connection to the organization's mission and vision. While the administrators, staff and volunteers may be the greatest advocates for the cause, an effective website gives the organization a megaphone. Even if someone has never heard of a particular nonprofit before, he or she should leave with a clear understanding of what an organization stands for, who it serves, what it does and how to get involved. 

United Way of West Alabama's "Our Impact" page offers a breakdown of the organization's mission and core values that provides website visitors a clear summary about who they are and what they do. This is important for recruiting new volunteers, community partners and donors.





One of the most important things a nonprofit organization's website can offer is a clear call-to-action. Whether a website visitor is a potential donor, a faithful volunteer, or visiting for the first time, he or she should know exactly how to take the desired next step to engage with the organization. 

The United Way of West Alabama website offers visitors clear pathways to sign up for their newsletter, volunteer, donate, register for events and contact them. This encourages website visitors to go beyond the initial awareness stage and actually engage with the organization in a more intentional way. 




It's not enough to simply state a nonprofit's mission and vision. It's important that the website be regularly updated with photos and information about events, fundraisers and campaigns to show how the organization is working to serve its communities.

No one should have to contact a web developer every time a simple update needs to be made to a website. That's why The Nine offers clients like United Way of West Alabama website hosting and maintenance services that feature an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).  Our custom CMS empowers organizations to make changes to their website as needed. This also allows them to manage user accounts, social media connections, blog posts, calendar events, fonts and other settings in the admin interface.

Once a website is finished, clients are given a CMS admin guide and login credentials for their website. Of course, our support team is always happy to do a video conference call to provide more in-depth training.





Our team loves partnering with nonprofit organizations like United Way of West Alabama to remove the stress that comes with designing, developing and maintaining a website. We believe in what they're doing and want to give them an online vehicle to get their cause in front of as many eyes as possible. 

If you or someone you know is in need of a website for a nonprofit organization, contact us to get a free quote!


Nonprofit organizations rally people together behind a common cause, but what if their current nonprofit website design isn’t advocating for them?


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