Sep 18, 2020
Food has a way of bringing people together.
A kind middle schooler asks the "new kid" to sit with him and his friends at lunch. A couple celebrates a long-overdue date night with dinner at the restaurant where they had their first date. A local nonprofit rallies volunteers together to lend a helping hand to those in their community who are dealing with food insecurity.
Food brings us closer because "food is about people."

This statement is the cornerstone of Nu Vista Foods Group, a wholesale food distributor servicing the state of Florida. With over 40 years of industry experience, they excel in offering businesses around the state the best services and prices. Nu Vista services a diverse client base, including healthcare and senior living facilities, nonprofits, preschools and daycares, restaurants, entertainment venues, and schools, 


Nu Vista Foods Group began 17 years ago with the vision of owners Tom and Lynette Raynor. With Tom’s extensive knowledge and success in the food industry coupled with Lynette’s strong administrative achievements, Nu Vista was formed in 2003 with Tom making deliveries out of his van. Today the company has grown into a 24-hour wholesale broadline food service distribution company with more than 4,500 items offered, including meats, cheeses, pastas, desserts, cereals, snacks, beverages, paper goods, plasticwares, canned goods, and so much more. 

The Nine had the pleasure of designing and developing Nu Vista Foods Group's new website. The site's vibrant color scheme and enticing food imagery give visitor's a true sense of Nu Vista's passion for what they do.


The website features Nu Vista's current specials so that clients can stay up to date on weekly deals. Those interested in partnering with Nu Vista can also contact Nu Vista directly through the site.


Now more than ever, we at The Nine are thankful for reliable companies like Nu Vista that work behind the scenes to source schools, restaurants, and community centers with food products. Delivery services have become the lifeblood of many businesses during these unprecedented times, so it is our hope that this website helps Nu Vista have an even greater impact in the state of Florida.

Visit their website at