The power of making your customer the hero of your business' story

Aug 20, 2020

Holman Contracting Group LLC is a family-owned, Tuscaloosa business proudly serving clients across West Alabama. Their team of engineers, interior and landscape designers, draftsmens, and subcontractors specialize in crafting a custom space for you and your needs. Every project is driven by the idea that your home is more than a house, your commercial building is more than just a place to do business, and where you live and work should inspire you every time you walk through the door. Whether clients are looking to give their kitchen an upgrade or seeking out custom home builders in Tuscaloosa, Holman Contracting Group specializes in making their customers' dream homes and commercial projects a reality.

A company's website is key to marketing the business. From the words you choose to describe your products and services to the images you choose to display them, each detail matters. Think of a website as your own personal storyteller, sharing the narrative of your business. However, contrary to popular belief, your business is not the hero of your story; it's your customer! That's right. Your client is the hero with a problem, and your business is the guide leading them on a quest to the solution. Think of your business as Rafiki from The Lion King. While Simba may have been the protagonist, he would have never saved Pride Rock without the sage-like counsel of his strange baboon advisor.

In Holman Contracting's case, our content strategists carefully crafted the website's language to establish those looking to remodel, or start from scratch as the hero of the story. The website's homepage asks the website visitor direct questions to help them define their problem and then addresses how Holman can guide them through that particular issue with "help" language. Below are a few examples:


The website reinforces this narrative with client testimonials and a project portfolio to showcase the contractors' talented workmanship. This builds up credibility that assures website visitors that Holman Contracting Group is the crew that they should call for their next project.  


Since launching their new website, Holman Contracting Group has seen a huge jump in their website traffic. More eyes equals more potential customers, and the more compelling story you can tell with your website, the more likely it is that they will contact you. Our team at The Nine is excited to continue to help Holman Contracting Group extend their story's reach as we navigate them through our digital marketing process

As business leaders, you are confident in the value your products and services offer to your customers. The problem is that you feel frustrated because you don't know how to communicate that value in a compelling way. Let The Nine help you tell your business' story and get the right eyes on your website.

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