The Nine Launches "Elect Christy Bobo" Website

by Meg Mcguire Conder
The Nine Launches

Christy Bobo is a life-long citizen of Northport, Alabama, currently pursuing candidacy for District One, City Council. Friends to Elect Christy Bobo recently reached out to The Nine to inquire about designing her official campaign website. The project required a quick turnaround time, but the team was up for the challenge. Fueled by local coffee, The Nine was able to design and launch the site in a matter of three days. 

Christy Bobo announced the site’s launch from her social media platforms, offering the following testimony concerning her experience with the project:

“Friends to Elect Christy Bobo now has a one-stop platform to volunteer, submit your ideas, and easily donate to the campaign. Robby White, The Nine, and CG Williams (just a couple of local boys who happen to also be hometown heroes) hit this one “out of the park!” Thankful for the hard work that has gone into creating the platform - it’s evident that it was created with tremendous love and support for our hometown.”

The website features a clean, minimalistic design and District One map, offering supporters opportunities to volunteer for or donate to Christy’s campaign. Website visitors can also learn about voting locations.


Here’s what Christy Bobo had to say about working with The Nine:

Q:What was the main purpose for your website redesign?

A: We started a project, and time constraints did not permit the finish of the project. I am so thankful that The Nine stepped in to completely take over the design and creative process to turn our start into a finished project!

Q:How would you describe your experience with The Nine? 

A: I have been involved with The Nine on several projects in the past. Each time, The Nine has exceeded expectations by far. I trust The Nine to execute on time and to create something far better than my imagination. This trust is built on prior precedent that has been set, as well as with this current project. The Nine always sets the bar high, and ALWAYS delivers. 

Q:What do you want people to know about your site?

A: My site was created to help inform citizens that I am seeking election to the Northport City Council, District One Seat. I am pleased with the clean simplicity of the site and ease of use. I look forward to working with The Nine in the future.

You can explore Christy Bobo’s site by visiting


Note: Entire District One Map is not pictured here but is available on the site.