Sean Lee Joins The Nine as Digital Marketing Specialist

by Meg Mcguire Conder
Sean Lee Joins The Nine as Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet the newest member of our digital marketing team, Sean Lee!

Sean Lee is a Druid City local who grew up in the Historic District near downtown Tuscaloosa. He attended The University of Alabama for Digital Media with a minor in Creative Writing. He has worked with internationally recognized ministries as well as the federal, state, and local government. He enjoys playing a variety of instruments as well as training in Jiu-Jitsu in his spare time. 

Sean is a former member of our team here at The Nine, and we are pumped to have him back with us! He has jumped right back in and hit the ground running with all things digital marketing, showcasing a contagious enthusiasm and work ethic that has inspired our entire team. He has endured countless training sessions and gone above and beyond to to learn the tricks of the trade and share his knowledge with the marketing team.

Sean diligently propels projects forward while ensuring that everyone's having fun along the way. He is constantly seeking out fresh ways to drive value for our diverse array of clients.

"I believe hard work and intelligent choices create value," Sean said. "For me, value is the culmination of heart, mind, and the people who you surround yourself. Simply put, I’ve found a group of men and woman that symbolize these qualities in how they operate their relationships and business. In turn, this creates value for me to become the best version of myself and for our clients: the best version of their business."

Once a member of  The Nine Family, always a member of  The Nine Family. Welcome back, Sean!