Build Your Own Truck Driver Recruitment Machine

by Andrya Allen
Build Your Own Truck Driver Recruitment Machine

With the online tools available today, you can build your own trucking recruitment machine. 

Trucking companies connect the dots and keep every business supplied with what they need to grow. This level of responsibility creates a high demand for truck drivers to fulfill jobs and keep shipments moving. The problem is that finding, recruiting and hiring new drivers can be a slow and frustrating process. When you have jobs to complete, the last thing you need is an unnecessary bottleneck in your system.

The Nine provides expert website design services for trucking companies so you can boost your credibility, reach more customers and recruit truck drivers. Our team has worked in the trucking industry for decades. We know how to support you in building trucking jobs recruitment machine and website that works for you. 

After working with hundreds of trucking companies across a wide array of fleet sizes, we discovered three steps to help you create your own job recruiting machine with internal systems and the support of experts when you need it.


Step 1. Put your trucking website to work

Trucking Web Design that works, so you don't have to.

A simple but effective trucking website works for you, driving all top business goals just like a team member. 

Great truck driver recruitment websites

  • work across all devices, especially mobile phones.

  • are reliable and efficient.

  • share the best parts of who you are and advocate your value.

  • collect important information safely and securely.

Our design team has won multiple awards over the years designing websites for hundreds of companies. You can rely on us to make sure your site is performance-based and results-driven, just like your team.

Our sites help you rank in Google searches, giving you organic traffic that grows over time. 


Step 2. Set up your own recruiting job board.

Why waste valuable time scouting out truck driving job leads? Setting up your own job board eliminates the hassle of having to seek out qualified drivers. Your own job board for recruiting drivers should allow you to easily


  • Post job listings right on your website.

  • Recruit drivers with a custom job application. 

  • Filter out the drivers you don’t want.

  • Promote job listings to recruit employees other than drivers.


Step 3. Bring in the leads.

By having secure forms on your website, you can bring in leads and even filter them to sort out leads you don’t want. 

This helps trucking companies

  • Get more leads from potential customers.

  • Filter out unqualified leads.

  • Combine your lead generation form with a digital marketing campaign to get the most of your advertising dollars.


Don't let the struggle to find new truck driving job recruits keep your company from reaching its fullest industry potential. You can have your own trucking recruitment machine ready to roll in less than a month. 
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