Creating Culture

by Robby White
Creating Culture

Over the past two years, The Nine expanded services to meet the needs of clients with new leadership.

Every new service comes with new hires and fast growth. New faces join our team on a weekly basis and what once was a physical office with a few guys is now a remote operation of over 25 employees.  All of our new services, new teams, and new internal projects grew into new life from the boards they started as sketches on years earlier.

With this growth came a fear that things were changing.

The Nine has never been a place of “employment,” it has always been a place to love what we do and love the people we get to work for and with.  There were values that were unspoken, but lived out with a balance of faith, family, work and fun.  The Nine existed for almost two decades with things changing very little and the family vibe we created worked.

As the team continued to grow to over 25 strong, I started to notice something with the new hires.

They weren’t changing our culture.  They were joining the family we created because of our culture.  It’s the core values that are unspoken, yet are lived out daily by our team that makes The Nine a place not only where people want to work, but also one that people recruit all their friends to be a part of.

You can put words on your website, business cards and walls like “communication, respect, integrity and excellence,” but if the culture doesn’t reflect them by your actions you’ll be no different than Enron (those were their core values).  

Culture is a tricky thing because it’s alive and active.

It can be positive, nurturing, attractive, and uplifting or it can be the complete opposite.  Where 85 percent of most Americans are unhappy with their current work place, The Nine knows there is always room for improvement.

We ask every team member for feedback and celebrate each other’s successes whether they are personal or professional. 

Most of all, we listen to what matters and make a promise to support each other like family.

With a continued vision for growth

The Nine