Maximizing Reach With Content Distribution Services

by Jason Vaught
Maximizing Reach With Content Distribution Services

Content Distribution Services

Your customers consume information in many ways and from hundreds of sources. The quantity of content consumption is good and bad news for businesses, meaning you must create content and an effective content distribution strategy. In almost every situation, you must engage with an agency offering content distribution services to help you reach and capture a broader audience. 

This article will help you understand content syndication services are available, along with tips and best practices to ensure people notice you on the proper distribution channels for your target audience. 

With various distribution channels and content syndication services available, it has become easier than ever to extend the reach of your content and connect with your target audience. We explore the significance of content distribution in this Web 3 world and dive into the various strategies and channels your company can utilize for effective distribution.

What Is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is taking content sharing or repurposing to reach a wider audience. Promoting content includes publishing on your website, social media platforms, newsletters, podcasts, and other 3rd party websites. Content distribution significantly increases the visibility and reach of your content, ultimately attracting more people to engage with it. 

However, performing content distribution incorrectly and without consideration can lead to a complete waste of time and money. Effective content distribution requires understanding how the target audience uses each channel and finding the best ways to communicate with them through this medium. 


Content Distribution Services

Let's turn our attention to the various platforms we can help you with as a part of our content distribution services. As a digital marketing agency that believes in integrity and client outcomes, we do not waste time on content distribution methods that do not lead to impactful results for our clients.

But with targeted distribution strategies created for the right platforms, you will undoubtedly receive increased exposure, engagement, and leads for your business. Here's a look at each content distribution channel and specific ways to engage in content promotion. 

Blog Content

Leveraging your website blog to promote content from other platforms isn't the best move. But repurposing content by creating a more extended form version as a blog post can significantly impact your website traffic. 

Topical authority is a significant ranking factor in the eyes of Google. When you have blog posts filled with quality content relevant to your industry, it helps you increase your level of authority.

So even if you are unwilling to invest in a full-fledged SEO content marketing campaign with a SEO agency, you can still repurpose other forms of content to get yourself in the SEO game. You will be surprised at how results compound by putting up 2-4 blog posts on your website monthly. 

Another benefit to shifting some of your social media, public speaking, and other forms of content to your blog is that it is considered owned media that cannot be de-prioritized because of algorithm changes. 

Strategy: Every time you hear yourself saying the same thing repeatedly, write it down or capture it in an audio note. Then record yourself having a conversation about this topic and hand it off to someone who can transcribe and then edit it into an article for your website. 

It's easier than you think, and our agency can handle this. 

Social Media Distribution

While each social media platform differs in audience and communication style, we can use them all for content distribution through promotion and repurposing content. 

The best part (or most challenging, depending on how you look at it) about social media is that people want bite-size chunks of information, meaning you must post frequently. That's why we recommend our clients begin with long-form content that we can splinter into frequent social media posts. 

Most companies' biggest mistake with their social media strategy is trying to think of things in real time. Making this happen takes a particular way of thinking, and most do not have it. Instead, grab some coffee and start with a broad subject, then write down every little detail about that topic. 

Strategy: You don't have to become a social media personality to win on these platforms. AI is making what once were boring static posts and turning them into engaging visuals that move. We can help you create content that captures the attention of your target audience without you needing to invest your time and build a personality. 

Email Marketing Distribution

Most brands fail to use email marketing as a content distribution opportunity. There's no excuse for not sending emails to your customer list; it is a great starting point for content distribution. But you can do better than the traditional strategy of dropping everything you've talked about, garnered attention for, or want to promote as email newsletter content. 

Your email marketing content strategy should include different perspectives, additional insights, and mentions of your content on other channels. 

Strategy: Remember, emails began as people sending virtual "letters" to their friends with titles such as "Hey, look at this." So continue to use them this way: if you suggest people "look at this," you tell them why they should and provide a dangling carrot to get them to click. 


Digital Advertising Distribution

Digital advertising includes all paid media strategies on social media and websites. Obviously, paid ads will quickly increase your reach and visibility, but you need to be sure your strategy is effective before investing heavily. The excellent news about paid advertising distribution is that you can effectively find your target audience to display your content and drive brand awareness through paid media channels. 

You might think that paid media is only suitable for bottom-of-the-funnel content where you get people to buy, but that's not true. In fact, content marketers understand the value of repurposing content through paid media, where they can buy traffic at a low cost and then capture their information for future retargeting. 

Strategy: Do you have a blog post that is getting a lot of comments and user engagement? Leverage it through paid media, where you buy a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Google Ad to promote the post. Put a sign-up form at the top of the page and get these people on your list. 

sponsored content Distribution

Another way to pay for visibility is through sponsored content. Sponsored content is a paid partnership with a third-party website or influencers to promote your content. You can leverage this approach by taking your expertise and putting it in the hands of others. 

Sponsored content includes articles, videos, podcasts, and social media posts. By working with publishers who deliver content to your target audience, you can be sure that your "winning" content continues to win on these platforms. 

An important consideration for sponsored content is transparency and authenticity. Just because you pay for content doesn't mean you can be misleading or downright dishonest. 

Strategy: Do you have content you know has a more extensive reach than most? The content people talk about and remember even well after it was published? You want to continue speaking about this type of content through sponsored content. 

Press Release

Here's where it's time to promote. Press releases through a reputable media outlet can help you garner attention for your business. But what do you promote? To be honest, most companies are boring and lazy when leveraging press releases for content distribution. 

The cost of a press release distribution service has decreased significantly, making it more accessible to small and midsize businesses. But this also opens the doors to more frequency as a part of your content marketing and distribution strategy. 

From an SEO perspective, press releases generate valuable backlinks to your website, enhance your brand's reputation, and attract the attention of journalists and industry influencers. 

Strategy: The next time the media has mentioned the company for something you, your customers, or the industry deems important, create a press release about it and pay to place it across all relevant content distribution channels. Make sure as many people within your target audience see this. 

Digital Marketing Agency

From content strategy services to content distribution, we can help your company build stronger brand awareness and more leads to your business. Our digital marketing specialists are experts in content marketing, and together we will create a content distribution strategy that accurately represents your company, bringing your target audience into the funnel. Schedule a time to speak with our digital marketing experts about your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Content Distribution Cost? 

The cost of content distribution depends on many factors, including the frequency of content publication, the number of platforms where distribution occurs, and whether the agency is handling the development of your content marketing or exclusively performing distribution services. 

What Content Distribution Tools Should I Use?

If you choose to handle content distribution yourself, you will need one for content repurposing, image creation, and content scheduling. In many cases, you will need more than one tool for each of these aspects of content distribution as they may not be an all-in-one solution for all the channels you distribute to. 

Which Content Distribution Channels Should I Choose?

The answer to this question is complex, as identifying the solution only involves a strategic process. However, the initial platform may be easier to identify based on what your existing customers say. You can survey them through an email or social media post to determine which platforms they are most active on. We suggest you ask this question in various ways to be sure you get an accurate response from the people you survey.

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