May 20, 2021

Meet Zach Bender!

Zach grew up in Chicago and moved to Franklin, Tennessee when he was 12. He is now studying computer science at The University of Alabama. Zach came to The Nine because he has a passion for innovation and was looking for an opportunity to grow as a developer. Zach is a big fan of football, losing money in the stock market, and his ever-growing coffee addiction.

A fun fact about Zach: He met Post Malone in 2017. Casual. 

Since joining The Nine, Zach, who we lovingly refer to as "Bender," has used his website wizardry to bring our clients' sites to life alongside the rest of our web design and development team. Among many other projects, Zach played a crucial role in launching a website for Busatta Piscine, an Italian pool company. He's proven to be extremely adaptable, helping engineer sites across a range of platforms, including our very own CMS platform, Caboose. This is a crucial trait for someone working on our team, and he has absolutely crushed every task he's been assigned. 

This is what Zach had to say about his internship with The Nine so far:

"I am excited to get started with my internship at The Nine. This is a unique opportunity for me that will help me grow not only as a developer, but as a person. Working here has shown me that The Nine is not any ole company. There is something special happening here, and I am ready to be a part of it."

We are so grateful to have Zach on our team as a software engineer intern. He has managed to balance his class and work load and maintain a level of energetic productivity and a growth-mindset that keeps our projects moving forward!


The Nine specializes in web design, development, and digital marketing. The company’s custom content management system lets customers easily manage their own website. The Nine has had the honor of working with clients like The City of Tuscaloosa, The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, The University of Alabama, The Alabama Realtors Association, The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama One Credit Union, Benchmark Rings, Pritchett-Moore Real Estate, and Colonnade Group. For those interested in using The Nine for their next project, visit to get an estimate.